Welcome to Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center website........Flash....Flash....Read all about it.......Colonial Acres Golf Club has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section.  This means that if you want to learn how to play golf or improve your game CAGC is the best place to go. Great expectations for the 2014 golf season and it is only a few warm days away.

Colonial Acres Golf Club and Learning Center

     Many people are not aware but the golf industry is suffering....the past ten years we have lost millions of golfers, new players are not enterring the game and the old guard is dying off sad to say. The trend is so alarming that the PGA of America hired a research firm to try and determine why golf is on the decline. The three main reasons people say they aren't getting into golf is it takes too long, it's too expensive, and it's too hard. Colonial Acres Golf Club addresses all three of those issues. It's very affordable, you can play our course in an hour and it's very manageable in regards to difficulty. 
      I'm pleased to report that our golf course has been selected as the Best Facility for Player Development by the NENY PGA Section. That means if you want to learn the game of golf, or improve your game CAGC is the place you want to do it. This is a major award that was presented to me in April. The major thing we focus on in our instruction is fun. People enter the game or persue the game for a number of reasons. Competition, comraderie, exercise, being in nature are all reasons people enjoy playing golf. In today's fast paced hub bub world you deserve a respite from your need it! An hour or so on our Audubon Sanctuary golf course gets you away from the frenzy. DO IT!

      If competition is in your blood the more you play the more you must realize that if you have a poor short game you are going to be paying out more than collecting. The conditioning of CAGC rivals any golf course in the Capital Region. The greens run fast and true and you have to be very skilled to get the ball up and down if you miss these greens. If you can not score on this course you will not be able to score on any course. The players who play frequently at CAGC always comment how the skills learned at CAGC help them score better on the "big courses"  Start playing more at CAGC and start collecting.

      WE HAVE A GOLF SHOP......anything you need for your game we sell at prices which are more affordable than shopping at a big box store. If we don't have it we can get it....balls, golves, tees, clubs, golf bags......WE HAVE THEM.
      Skate Caddies will arrive in mid July I'm afraid to say.......there has been such a demand for them throughout the country the manufacturer is making them as fast as they can...we are starting out with 8.

     Any comments or suggestions are welcome. What do you want to see happen at CAGC?  Shoot us an email.  THIS IS YOUR CLUB!!  We will do what you want us to do to make this place more fun.That's it for now.......